Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kindle Addiction Round-up

One doesn't have to Google very far to find out just how prevalent kindiction is. Kindicts are sleeping less, having issues with their partners, and spending more:

KindleBoard member Shalom Israel wrote:
"No one told me that the Kindle and the Kindle Boards community would cost me hours of sleep!"
One of the responses indicates that Kindles are "highly addictive" and suggests creating a "Kindles Anonymous"

Also in KindleBoard, member Jeansaint laments: "...the Kindle addiction makes it difficult to save money on books"
Kindle users purchase more books than they normally would have, which ends up costing more.

Tammy on Bukisa is apparently a kindict on the road to recovery, since she now leaves the Kindle at home when she's out with her husband.

Jane Isay at the Huffingtonpost started taking to her Kindle, explaining why she was away from it (it looks like she recovered).

Finally, Violet Blue in SFGate strikes at the heart of the matter, writing:
"...with the way the Kindle has been absorbed by consumers, it's surprising that we aren't seeing annoying "Kindle addiction" sites spring up around the net."

Violet, on behalf of all the kindicts out there, you're welcome!


  1. I have bought WAY more books because of the ease of buying and downloading on my kindle. Now I am in debt. Creeps up. I am reading more free books on Kindle, but most of them are not very good.

  2. After 42 years of shared marriage my wife was given a Kindle by the kids. She has always been a great reader, borrowing books from the library every week or so but since she got the Kindle she seems to have lost interest in most things. As we live in the country there is afair but of work to do but she spends morning till night reading the Kindle. She wont even watch a tv or a movie. I have to repeat everything I say as she is so absorbed. All the books she gets seem to be crappy love stories involving homosexuals etc. I see the names as they go through our email. She is spending about $120.00 a month on this stuff from Amazon. I dont mind the money so much although we are pensioners, but the Kindle goes everywhere, on bus trips, overseas etc etc. And she will read these refusing even ignoring spa baths or whatever else may be at our hotel. She is not interested in any discussion about this problem as I see it and I really dont know what to do. Our relationship is generally excellent, but now talking has stopped unless we are in the car, where she does not read the Kindle.
    Any suggestions as I,m starting to get angry as this has been the situation for the last 18 months.

  3. Hi,
    Am I crazy or what. I bought my wife a Kindle and she she uses EVERY spare moment either reading a book on it or playing games. If we are watching TV, she has her Kindle right there with her, the instant a commercial comes on she is on her Kindle. I have even seen her play a game as she is fixing a meal. This, of course, leads to almost no conversation with me and I do not know what to do because I come off sounding selfish and begging for attention. From her viewpoint there is no problem but I am feeling what I am feeling.

  4. I am so relieved to find this site as I know I’m not on my own. If you search the internet for this all you seem to get is the flippant boasting that someone is addicted to their kindle, bragging about how many books they’ve read this week. Or kindle books about addiction!

    My wife is addicted to her kindle. It is no exaggeration to say that she will spend up to 16 hours a day on it.

    She has always been a heavy reader – even as a child her mother would tell her to “get your head out of that book”.

    The problem really started when she retired last May. We are not pensionable age, but are able to retire early. We intend to emigrate very soon, so we agreed that she should retire earlier than me in order to get all the tasks done associated with emigrating. It soon became clear that nothing was being done and I was having to do them myself either at work or at weekends while she sat and read.

    I retired myself two months ago and can now see how her whole life revolves around her kindle.

    Before I retired my sleep patterns were ruined as she would stay up till 3 in the morning reading. I would lie upstairs waiting for her to come to bed until gone midnight, and then I’d wake up when she finally came. I don’t know how I got through those last few months at work as I had so little sleep.

    Frequently there were no clean shirts / socks / underwear as the housework deteriorated.

    We don’t do much together anymore. I can sense she resents me taking her away from her kindle. If I try to talk to her she snaps “WHAT?” back at me – again I’ve interrupted her addiction. I don’t try to talk to her much anymore.

    She will bring her kindle to bed with her, and read till she falls asleep and then start again when she wakes up.

    I love my wife but this isn’t my wife anymore. Her personality is gone and she shows all the same signs as someone who has any type of addiction. It takes priority over everything.

    She is such a great woman but right now its like living with a zombie.

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