Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kindiction Habits vs Healthy Reading Habits

Kindiction has common habits and traits that reinforce a desire to read.  If you see yourself in too many of the kindiction habits, and not enough in the healthy reading habits, consider changing how you use your Kindle.

Kindle habits that may lead to, or be a part of kindiction:
  • Regularly choosing your Kindle over responsibilities, activities and relationships.
  • Insisting on bringing your kindle everywhere you go.
  • Browsing the Kindle store more than once a day.
  • Reading Kindle in the bathroom for long periods of time.
  • Obsessing on collecting ebooks - regardless of whether or not they will be read.
  • Reading too late into the night or when overtired (you can't absorb what you read unless you have a good night's sleep, which varies by individual).

Healthy Kindle reading habits:
  • Know your limits; set a kitchen timer to signal the end of a reading session.
  • Purchase/download only what you can realistically read.
  • If you have children, read to them, or have them read aloud to you.
  • Remember that you can stop reading a book that you are not enjoying.
  • Leave the Kindle at home if it is too tempting.
  • Avoid the Kindle store unless you have finished the books you purchased.
  • Schedule a block of time to read books and stick to it.
  • Remove books that you aren't reading - you can always re-load them.